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The Life of Tech YouTube channel is proudly sponsored by Beyond NRG. As a result, we can pass on our awesome 10% discount code. The code is valid in 2021 and ‘BEYOND’ 😀

Beyond NRG have a complete range of energy drink supplements, designed for gamers, creators, and anyone that needs a boost of energy to stay focused. That includes me by the way!

The Beyond formula features a unique ‘Nootropic stack’ containing active ingredients, essential vitamins, and minerals, designed by their UK-based research team. Their products include a good range of energy drink tubs, sachets, shakers, and some cool merch.

So, want to know a bit more about Beyond? We made a video…

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Unique Discount

To get a 10% discount on your order, just use our unique code ‘TECH’ during checkout! The discount applies to the entire range of Beyond NRG flavours…and they are adding more to it all the time, such as their recent Cherry Twist flavour – and it’s pretty darn good!

So what is this discount, and how did we get it? Well, this website is actually part of the Life of Tech YouTube channel. If you want to know more about that, and how we ended up with this exclusive discount…keep on reading!

What is Beyond NRG all about?

It’s a cool new type of powdered energy drink. Similar to Sneak and Gfuel, but also kind of different. So it’s true that you shouldn’t have more than 2 drinks per day. That applies to most powdered energy drinks as they contain caffeine.

Yes, Beyond NRG does contain caffeine. In fact, it actually contains coffeine, which is still caffeine, but it’s taken from the coffee bean BEFORE it’s roasted. I’ve never heard of that before…but that’s pretty clever stuff right there! These energy drinks also include a carefully selected mix of Nootropics. And trust me when I say, their website does a much better job of explaining what Nootropics actually are, and what they do. So if you want more info on Nootropics, click here and take a look!

But one of the best things about Beyond NRG, is the fact that they don’t use Taurine, which can cause you to have a rush of energy (or a high) and then a crash afterwards. Instead, with Beyond, there isn’t really any crazy rush or nasty crash. It seems to just give you a constant, steady boost.

So who am I, and how do I know all about Beyond NRG? Well, my name is Roger, and you’ll find me on YouTube making videos about all kinds of awesome tech products. If you missed the video above, just scroll back up the page a bit, and you’ll see the video I made about Beyond NRG. I wasn’t paid to make it. They simply sent me their drinks to try them, and I loved them. They offered to sponsor my YouTube channel (by sending me some more supplies) so I made a video 🙂

What about the flavours?

Good question! There are currently 6 awesome flavours to choose from.

  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade
  • Cherry Twist
  • Honeydew Melon, Grape and Raspberry
  • Mango, Pineapple and Blood Orange
  • Strawberry, Watermelon & Lime
  • Wild Forest Fruits

So, they do have a good selection of flavours already, but my absolute favourite is Honeydew Melon, Grape and Raspberry. No doubt about it – that is THE best flavour. I know that some people won’t agree with me on that one, but trust me…it’s the best one haha!

Apart from drinks, what else do they sell?

They have a whole range of awesome stuff. Merch, shakers, tubs, sachets, bundles and gift cards. And their range of shakers is cool too. They have something for everyone, including the Vortex shaker. Sounds cool right? The Vortex mixes your drink for you. It needs two AA batteries, and all you do is add the water and a scoop of Beyond (or a sachet) then watch the Vortex mix it up in seconds. I love the Vortex shaker, it’s very cool indeed!

If you’re not one for gadgets though, they have the standard shakers in a range of different colours. There really is something for everyone.

Apart from that, you can buy gift cards which are pretty cool, and their merch is top quality too. Great designs and nice breathable material. Yes, the merch is expensive…but it’s great if you are a real hardcore Beyond NRG fan!

On top of all that, they offer free UK shipping for orders over £40. So if you try it and you like it, when you place an order of £40 or more, the postage is free!

So is it worth buying?

Quite simply – YES! If you haven’t tried Beyond NRG before, it’s definitely worth giving it a go. As I mentioned earlier, I like it because they don’t use Taurine. This energy drink gives you a steady boost of energy with no nasty crash a few hours later. I’ve tried it, I like it…and I recommend it!

And don’t forget, they’ll give you 10% off when you use the discount code TECH. Remember that code, use it in the future…and save yourself some cash!

I’ll update this page in future as they release more products, but for now – that’s it. Go give it a try! 😀

10% OFF – Use Code ‘TECH’

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