FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk Review
High Quality Materials
Stong and Sturdy
Easy to Assemble
The FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk could be a superb addition to your home or office workspace. It's a high-quality product...well worth checking out!
Where can you buy it?

Right now many people are working from home, and that means some of us are spending hours at a time sitting at a desk. As I work from home normally anyway, it can be a challenge sitting at my PC every day. That got me thinking about desks, and more importantly, standing ones.

I am a YouTube tech video creator, and a few friends of mine that also have YouTube channels reminded me about a company called FlexiSpot. They are a sit/stand desk specialist manafacturer with products available in many different countries, including the UK and the USA.

I reached out to them and they offered to send me the E5 Standing Desk in return for my honest opinion. I’ll start by saying that the desk is superb and it really has helped me a lot in the short space of time that I’ve had it. If you want to skip straight to the video on my YouTube channel, just scroll a bit further down this page.

So, the E5 is one of the more expensive models that FlexiSpot sell. It has 3 stage legs and a motor at each end, giving this desk the power to lift around 275lbs (125Kilos or 20 Stone). That is more than enough for pretty much anyone. Even if you have the heaviest desktop PC in the world, this desk will be able to lift it, plus a hefty monitor, and anything else you might be able to fit on the desk.

These desks are avaiable in two parts – the main frame and the wooden desktop itself. They have a few different colours for the frame including white, black and silver, and you can choose different styles and colours for the wooden desktop. Based upon what I have seen with the E5 model, FlexiSpot are all about good quality materials. Heavy yes! But good quality…which I like.

The desk has a control unit that can be attached on the left or right hand side of the desk. It’s programable and offers 3 different presets. When you get the desk at a height you are happy with, you can save that exact height into one of the 3 memory slots. It also has an alarm function that will remind you to stand up or sit down, which is rather handy. I’m not using that function but I have no doubt at all that a lot of people will find that very useful.

The desk can be raised from a height of 24.4″ – 49.2″ in less than 10 seconds, and it’s rather quiet too. The motors that control the lift are smooth…smoother than I could have imagined, so even if you have a cup of coffee on your desk while you are raising it, you’ll be totally fine.

It’s also worth noting that the metal frame is width adjustable. If you decide to change the desktop size in the future, you can simply adjust the width of the frame you already have. That’s pretty cool!

A big thanks to FlexiSpot for sending out the product in return for my honest opinion. The FlexiSpot E5 Standing Desk is great and it could be a superb addition to your home or office workspace. Do feel free to check out my video below and if you enjoy it, consider subscribing to my channel (it’s free) so you don’t miss my future videos.

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