Nillkin Cozy MC3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Nillkin Cozy MC3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker
Great build quality
Multiple features
Great design
Sound quality could be better
A great Bluetooth Speaker, with a built-in LED light and Power Bank. Great features all packed into one device. It's not the best Bluetooth Speaker I have ever heard...but nevertheless I really like it!
Where can you buy it?

The Nillkin Cozy MC3 Pro Bluetooth Speaker, is a great looking device!

As an LED light, the MC3 Pro is great. You can adjust the brightness by turning the top section on the speaker, and you are able to choose from a range of different colours. The colour can be fixed so that it does not change, or you can have it automatically cycle through all of the available colours. It can also be set to white, which makes this Bluetooth Speaker ideal for using during a camping trip, or even on a table during a barbecue on a warm summer night.

It is of course also a Bluetooth Speaker, and while it doesn’t offer the most amazing sound quality you have ever heard, for a Bluetooth Speaker it’s not too bad. It’s fairly loud, and the bass output is also fairly good. I did however find myself wanting to adjust the treble to get a clearer sound…but I think that is partly due to the fact that the bottom part of the speaker is covered in material and also the speaker is pointing down.

With that said though, it does work well as a Bluetooth Speaker, and as an overall package it does the job well.

So it’s an LED light and Bluetooth Speaker, but the MC3 Pro has another trick up it’s sleeve. It’s also a power bank!

Having the ability to charge a mobile device such as your mobile phone while you are out and about is great! It’s not going to compete with a dedicated power bank, but if you are in need of power…this Bluetooth Speaker had you covered.

Nillkin have a range of Bluetooth Speakers, and are continously improving the functions and features of their MCX Pro range.

Personally I love the speaker and I would recommend it to others…but do remember that this is an all in one device. For a device that combines and LED light, Bluetooth Speaker and also a Power Bank, I think it’s great!

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