Philips Bass+ SHB3075 Wireless Headphones

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The Philips Bass+ Wireless Headphones (also known as the SHB3075), are fantastic for the money.

I will be honest and say that they do feel a little bit plasticky in the hand, but I was really surprised by the amount of bass they are able to produce and also how good the sound quality is.

I paired the headset to my phone, made some calls and listed to music – and I have to say I am impressed! There really is no need to go crazy and spend a huge amount of money if you are on a budget. Noise cancellation is missing on this headset, but that really didn’t bother me too much.

There is a handy instruction manual included with the headphones which is very easy to read, and really makes it clear how to use all of the features including the voice assistant on your mobile phone such as Siri (on an iPhone).

Would I recommend them? Yes for sure! Like I said, if you are on a budget they are a great option. If however you have some cash to splash, you might consider something a little more expensive with the added noise cancellation feature!


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