About a year ago I was looking for a good VPN service to keep myself protected while online. I wanted to make sure that nobody was watching my every move, and the only way for me to be 100% sure that my privacy was protected, was to use a VPN service.

First off, my question was…what is the best VPN service? I can tell you that I have tried a few now, including IPVanish. The services that I have used so far worked fine. I mean they all seem to offer a VPN service that keeps you protected right? But I wanted something more! I wanted faster speeds, a cheaper price and the ability to use the VPN service on my mobile as well.

After a long time looking, I found Pure VPN. Let me tell you that I get super fast speeds (equally as good, if not better than most of the other services I have tried), and they even have specially optimised modes depending on what exactly I want to do, such as protect myself while browsing, or even while I am downloading files.

Apart from the service and how good it is, my second biggest concern was the price. These VPN services are not silly. Most of them pull you in with a cheap offer for the first few months, and then put you on to a much higher ‘normal’ price. I am so pleased to say that this is not the case with Pure VPN.

In fact, Pure VPN offer the service for less than $3 per month (which is just over £2 in the UK), if you sign up for 2 years. That is less than $72 (£51) for 2 years worth of protection on your desktop computer and your mobile device too! Of course you don’t have to sign up for that long, but to really get the very best saving that’s the way to go!

Check out the 2 year offer here!

They even have a 7 day money back guarantee…so if you decided that you didn’t want to use it for some reason (and I honestly can’t see ANY reason why you would’t), then they will give you your money back!

I have spent a good few years using much more expensive VPN services, and I can truly say I’m sticking with Pure VPN.

So, who am I? And how can I give you this advice? Well, firstly I am a technology YouTuber (you can check out my channel here), but not only that, I have been in the world of IT and networking for many, many years. I offer tech support to everyone that I know, and of course that includes advice on VPN services.

Honestly, you simply MUST try Pure VPN. There is no risk, and they’ll give you your money back if you really do not like it.

Whatever you do, make sure you check out the 2 year offer as it is by far, the best offer they have. Click here to go straight to the offer now! Have fun using Pure VPN…I know I am 🙂

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