Spigen Classic One Case for iPhone X Review

2018-10-30T14:49:54+00:00October 30th, 2018|Mobile Phone Accessories, Tech Reviews|
Spigen Classic One Case for iPhone X
Great design
Easy to press buttons
Good build quality
The back will scratch
The Classic One case by Spigen is great for Apple fans! It givea you the look and feel of the original iPhone, while protecting your iPhone X!
Where can you buy it?

The Spigen Classic One Case for iPhone X is a great choice for true Apple fans. This limited edition case by Spigen, has a very similar design to the original iPhone and does a good job of protecting the iPhone X.

It’s a two part case that has an internal silicone section and a clip on outer shell, made out of hard plastic. Getting the phone into the case is easy and takes only a few seconds.

The buttons are well protected and there are cutouts for the camera, Apple logo on the back and also the silent / vibrate switch. It’s very easy to get your finger in the hole too for that silent / vibrate switch.

It’s a great looking case, but do beware…the back of the case will scratch as it is made of a plastic material.

The whole point of a case though is to protect your iPhone X and the Spigen Classic One case does a great job of that.

If you are an Apple fan looking for a case to keep you iPhone safe and sound, this will not dissapoint. It feels good in the hand and looks great too. I am a tech reveiwer on YouTube and so if you want a closer look at this case, check out my video below…

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