Spigen Legato Arc Neckband (Bluetooth Headset) Review

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The Spigen Legato Arc Neckband (Bluetooth Headset) is a pair of Bluetooth 4.1 earbuds that you wear around your neck. The earbuds auto retract which keeps the them out of the way when you don’t have them in your ears, and the headset has a very simple two button design…more on that later.

They are actually pretty cool, and I’ve really had fun using them. They are powered by Qualcomm aptX audio. What is aptX audio I hear you ask? Well put simply, this is a technology (or codec) which is built-in to the headset to ensure the sound you hear is better than CD quality. It preserves the audio as it is sent from your mobile device such as your mobile phone to the headset. What this actually means is the sound quality you hear when using this headset will be good…and it is.

It’s not the best sound I’ve ever heard but I have to be careful here, because it’s not fair for me to compare this headset with a much more expensive pair of Beats headphones for example. This is after all a cheaper headset, with a much lower price.


The headset has three EQ modes: Normal, Bass and Treble. Each mode alters the sound and you can cycle through these options by pressing the multifunction button (found on the left hand side of the neckband) twice.

The multifunction button is also used to turn the headset on or off, and also to answer/end calls, and activate your mobile phone’s assistant such as Siri if you are an iPhone user.

The only other button is actually a slider, which slides in two directions. This is used to control the volume and also jump forward or back to the previous/next audio track.

The Legato Arc has a 135mAh battery which is small, but then for a neckband of this size it’s not unusual to have a smaller battery. The headset takes roughly 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%, it offers talk time of up to 10 hours and a standby time of a huge 600 hours. I found I was getting around 8 hours of usage from a full charge, but this may well vary depending on how loud you have the headset among other things.

The entire neckband is made of a smooth plastic material, with an internal memory flex alloy frame. This gives it strength and helps keep it’s shape. It’s comfortable to wear and there are no sharp edges.

With all things considered, I really like it. It’s hard to explain how something sounds and the only way to really make a decision is to try a headset for yourself. Is it priced slightly to high? When it was first launched, this headset was £79.99 in the UK. Spigen have now reduced the price to £59.99, so I would say yes…it’s worth the money!

Please check out my video review below for a closer look…

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