Spigen Pro Guard Case for iPhone X Review

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Spigen very kindly sent out one of their latest cases for the iPhone X, and I have to say for protection, it’s superb! This case offers more protection than any other that I have seen so far in Spigen’s range.

It features a hard Polycarbonate shell, an outer TPU case and a glass screen protector. In fact, they include 2 screen protectors in the box!

Installing the case is very easy, and once you have the phone in the hard plastic case, you then simply stretch the outer tpu section over the top of the shell. I would recommend putting the phone into the case first and then fitting the screen protector last, as it will be much easier to position the screen protector with the case already on.

Again as with all of the other similar Spigen cases, all of the buttons are super easy to press and there are cutouts for all the silent switch, the speaker, the microphone and the charging port.


On the back of the case is a big cutout for the Apple logo and normally this is just a great big hole, however on this case Spigen have put a clear plastic material over this cutout so that your Apple logo will not get damaged. That alone is a great feature and a real plus point to owning the case.

The Camera cutout is perfect, it is just an open hole but it needs to be really so that it doesn’t interfere with the camera lens.

In the hand the case is big and bulky, and if you are wanting to keep the slimline feel of the phone, you won’t be happy with the Pro Guard case. However i it’s protection that you need, I can highly recommend it.

I’m a tech reviewer on YouTube and I made a video about this Spigen case, which you can check out below.

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