Spigen Rugged Armor Extra Case for iPhone X Review

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The Spigen Rugged Armor Extra Case is the big brother to the standard Rugged Armor Case.

It does live up to it’s name and offers some rugged protection for your iPhone X, however it’s worth noting that this case is made totally out of a soft and flexible TPU material. It’s a very thick TPU material, but nonetheless it’s still soft.

It’s very easy to get your phone in and out of the case, and the case does have Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology on all four corners.

There is a cutout on the back of the case for the Apple logo and also the Camera, while the bottom edge of the phone is also protected. There are of course cutouts along the bottom for the lightening port, microphone and speaker.

I really do like this case, and I’m sure it will offer a good amount of protection for your iPhone X. If you are prone to dropping your phone though, you may want to consider something a little stronger.

Overall though it is another well made Spigen Case!


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