Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone X

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The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone X is one of my favourite cases! It has a hard clear plastic back, and a soft but strong TPU edge.

All of the buttons are very easy to press which is can be a problem with other cases. Spigen have been making cases for a long time, and it’s small things pressing the buttons that they pay attention to.

Another great feature for me, is the fact that the bottom edge of the phone is fully covered (apart from the openings for the lightening port, speaker and microphone).

It can be a little bit tricky getting your phone in and out of the case, however i you do it slowly it really isn’t too bad. You are best to start with the volume button end first, then once the top of the phone is in the case, you can gently press on the bottom corners of the phone to get it in the case.

I’m also using the Spigen Glass Screen protectors with the case which work perfectly. I have been using Spigen products with almost every iPhone I have owned and personally I really am a big fan.

Check out my YouTube video review of the product below!


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